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Macalaus Studios bring brands and products closer to your audience on the web by combining a user-centered UX and clear and uncluttered UI design.

Below is an exampel of a UX/UI roadmap that includes the necessary steps for an organised project and a successful end result to boost your business.

Macalaus Studios can help you realise all steps or separate for your need.

Macalaus - ux/ui steps

UX/UI step by step



User research & data analysis

For a webshop the ideal UX/UI project starts with user research and site tracking analysis. Available surveys, heatmaps, screen recordings and funnel data are analysed. The analyzed user data give directions of where the issue is and why there is an issue in the web shop.

For landing pages and other web sites, a creative brief is usually done instead of user data research. A creative brief usually covers the project's deliverable, the message, the target audience, goal of the project, tone of voice, and preffered image and photo style.

Macalaus - ux/ui step 1


Information structure

Based on the user research (or the creative brief) an information structure is defined. An information structure is a document or sketch with the, first of all, focus on the text message and the order of information. No visual design yet.

Since it's text and sketch, it is very easy and fast to change. Time spent in this step is time saved later.

Macalaus - ux/ui step 2



A wireframe is a schematic, a blueprint, that defines the layout and how the content going to be presented. The lack of visual design force you to focus on structure over details.

Wireframes are time-savers. Before any code is written and before the visual design is finalized, a good interface and information structure can be nailed down.

Simple functionality can be tested with Adobe XD or Sketch prototypes and shared with all stakeholders.

Macalaus - ux/ui step 3


Visual design

When the wireframes are completed the visual design step can start. The visual hierarchy and look and feel is defined with fonts, colors, shapes, images and photos. The requirements for engaging the target audience, the tone of voice and visual guidelines are met with care.

The end result is usually used for a prototype for testing or ready to be implemented by developer.

Macalaus - ux/ui step 4
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